Say goodbye to the worries of having rootless orchids with this simple method. Orchids are indoor plants suitable for even the least experienced gardeners due to their low maintenance requirements. 

Orchid in bottle

Achieving year-round blooms is easy with a few tricks, such as proper placement, adequate but not excessive watering, and the use of natural fertilizers.

However, if you’re here to revive an orchid without roots, you’re in the right place. Don’t consider discarding the plant just yet – there’s a method inspired by nurseries that you can follow. Here are all the details you need to bring your orchid back to life.


Orchid Without Roots: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Evaluate and Trim: Take your orchid with dry roots and assess their condition. If the roots are completely black, trim them. Healthy roots should have a green to grayish color. Remove any roots that don’t meet this criterion, leaving only the base of the plant. Use scissors to clean the base thoroughly.
  2. Garlic Water Solution: Garlic, with its antibacterial properties, is a great antiseptic. Take a clove of garlic, place it in a bowl, and squeeze it using a garlic squeezer or mortar. Add half a liter of water, then filter the water to remove any residue. Wet a cotton pad in the garlic water and gently wipe it over all the leaves of the plant.
Orchid without roots
  1. Soaking in Garlic Water: Place the base of the orchid in a glass, ensuring it is submerged, and let it soak in the garlic water for about 30 minutes. In the remaining water, add clay seeds that you’ll later put in the pot. Cover the base with a soft, highly absorbent cloth, such as gauze.
  2. Bottle Method: Cut the neck and bottom of a bottle, using about 5 centimeters for the neck and 10 centimeters for the bottom. Squeeze and wrap gauze around the orchid base. Insert the gauze into the bottle’s neck, and place terracotta seeds and clean water at the bottom. Seal the bottle with the other part.
  3. Moisture Maintenance: The cloth will absorb water, ensuring the base of the plant remains consistently moist. Keep the bottle in a cool place for about 2 weeks, spraying the leaves every 2 days. Change the water when it gets dirty or is about to run out.
Reviving a rootless orchid
After 2 months, you’ll begin to see results. Repot the plant when the roots reach a length of 6 to 7 centimeters. This method ensures your orchid thrives and grows with healthy, robust roots.