Did you know that achieving stunning and lush orchids is as simple as performing a very basic task? Discover the key to keeping these plants beautiful and promoting extraordinary growth!

Lush orchids

You might be unaware, but there’s a straightforward method to cultivate lush orchids with prolonged blooms. Once you implement it, everyone will be eager to learn your secret for having gorgeous plants with abundant blossoms. Let’s delve into the steps to ensure orchids bloom for an extended period!

The Elegant and Refined Orchid

Elegant, refined, and capable of sustaining blossoms on its branches for up to six months, the orchid is a plant that, when cultivated with care and watered appropriately, provides immense satisfaction and endures for a considerable time.


A secret to prolonging the life of this plant is to use the right fertilizer, one that provides all the essential nutrients for healthy growth. Employing a special fertilizer like wheat flour can nourish orchids and extend their blooming period in an unprecedented manner.

This fertilizer made from wheat flour is also effective in rejuvenating seemingly lifeless orchids with withered leaves. Let’s explore how to prepare this wheat flour fertilizer.

Wheat Flour Fertilizer

Crafting fertilizer with wheat flour is a simple and cost-effective process. This affordable product is easily accessible. Here’s what you need and how to create the ideal fertilizer for your orchids:

1 tablespoon of wheat flour; 1 liter of boiled water.

Place the tablespoon of flour in a glass jar and add boiled water. Stir with a spoon and allow it to cool. Seal the jar and wait, then open and stir the solution again. Once the mixture has cooled, strain it through a strainer and transfer it to a plastic jug.

Add ample water to the filtered liquid to obtain a 3-liter solution. At this point, the fertilizer is ready for use. Here are various ways to use this product effectively to nurture your lush orchids and maintain prolonged flowering.

How to Use Wheat Flour Fertilizer for Orchids

After preparing fertilizer from wheat flour, you can utilize it in multiple ways to achieve beautiful and long-lasting orchid flowering. Here are the methods:

How to care for orchids

  1. With a Cotton Pad: Apply wheat flour fertilizer to orchids using a cotton pad, the kind typically used for makeup removal. Dip the pad in the liquid, gently squeeze, and clean the leaves, both on the top and bottom. This method helps eliminate insects and fungi while providing essential nutrients for growth. Repeat the application every two weeks for green and shiny orchid leaves.
  2. With a Spray Bottle: Transfer part of the solution into a spray bottle and evenly spray it over and beneath the leaves. Ensure complete coverage to supply the entire plant with the necessary nutrients. This method achieves the same effects as using a cotton pad but is more practical.
  3. Watering the Base of Plants: Irrigate the base of orchids by pouring the liquid over the soil around the plants. For better absorption, immerse the pot in a container with fertilizer for 1 hour. Repeat this treatment every two weeks to witness your orchids flourishing!

Implement these methods, and your orchids will bloom abundantly, showcasing their natural beauty and vitality.