Enhance the Vigor of Your Calla Lily Plant with a Cost-effective Twist: Try This!


Plants are common adornments in our homes, gracing balconies and indoor spaces alike, either for shared enjoyment or personal aesthetic preference. Beyond their pleasing fragrances, many plants play a practical role by absorbing household humidity, thwarting the onset of mold and condensation.

Calla: characteristics and curiosities

Maintaining robust, flowering plants on our balconies not only adds to the beauty of our surroundings but also encourages insect pollination, contributing positively to the environment. Among the commonly acquired plants for domestic use are hydrangeas, mother-in-law’s tongue, pothos, and the calla lily, distinguished by its large triangular leaves and ease of cultivation.

Calla: here's the ingredient to save money

The calla lily, an evergreen plant whose name translates to “beautiful” in Greek, boasts a distinctive flower that can flourish in a pot, earning its reputation as one of the most exquisite blooms. Dubbed “Lily of the Nile,” it thrives near water streams in South African rivers and the Egyptian region.

Known for its elegance, the calla lily’s flowers can endure for weeks, even when cut and placed in a vase with daily water changes. The robust, waxy leaves complement the flower’s appearance, featuring a spadix reminiscent of an ear of corn.

Calla: here's the ingredient to save money

To ensure the vigorous growth of calla lilies, regular watering is essential. However, a little-known secret to enhance their resilience and sheen lies in a unique ingredient—rice water. This simple yet effective ingredient, derived by soaking rice until the starch is released, proves to be a game-changer.

Once the rice is drained, the water obtained can be directly applied to the soil or sprayed onto the leaves using a spray bottle. This application not only strengthens the plant but also preserves the waxy appearance of the leaves, preventing yellowing.

Calla: here's the ingredient to save money

Applying rice water is a cost-effective and efficient method to invigorate not only calla lilies but also other similar plants. Nevertheless, it is advisable to seek expert advice or research whether rice water is suitable for a specific plant before use. By incorporating this ingenious ingredient, you’ll not only witness your calla lily thriving but may also leave your neighbors envious of its vibrant and glossy appearance.