A Foolproof Method to Save Damaged Cacti: Expert Techniques Unveiled


Caring for a cactus requires attention and even a slight green thumb, contrary to the belief that these succulents have minimal demands. For those adorning their homes or gardens with these resilient plants, it’s essential to understand their specific needs. Experts in the field recommend a method to protect and preserve cacti, especially during the period from late September onwards when succulents enter a state of reduced activity in preparation for winter.

How to protect succulents?

To safeguard succulents, it’s crucial to adjust watering routines, reducing frequency to twice a month every 15 days starting from late September. This practice helps the plants endure the impending cold by maintaining dry soil. Further, from the end of October, watering should be decreased to once a day. Fertilization is discouraged in October/November, with the last application being rich in potassium sulfate to enhance tissue strength and bolster succulent resistance.


Protection from cold becomes imperative in October, particularly when nighttime temperatures drop significantly. While some succulents can withstand sub-zero temperatures, they still require shielding from dampness and rain. When succulents suffer damage due to cold or pests, experts reveal a method known to very few.

The Lesser-Known Method for Rescuing Damaged Cacti

When faced with a damaged cactus, professionals in the field advocate a little-known method that can be learned through video tutorials available online. The initial step involves identifying the damaged portion and consulting with an experienced nurseryman. Simultaneously, a small section of the plant is cut, and a container is prepared with soil and essential nutrients. The cut portion is then planted in the container and watered.

This newly planted section is left to rest in a well-lit and warm location until signs of growth and development become evident. Upon closer inspection, roots will have formed on the cut and planted part, effectively giving rise to a new succulent while salvaging the undamaged portion.

Cactus method for experts

It’s essential to note that these methods are shared by professionals through video tutorials. For additional information or added security, seeking advice directly from an expert is recommended.