Cultivating Strong and Fragrant Basil: Unveiling the Unusual Spot


Basil, the aromatic ally of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, thrives best in an unexpected location for robust and perennial growth.

As an annual plant, basil flourishes under ample sunlight and a mild climate. The optimal time for sowing is during spring, allowing the plant to luxuriantly unfold. Basil leaves bask in direct light, favoring temperatures of fifteen degrees and above. Successful cultivation demands insight into the secrets of expert horticulturists, ensuring the plant’s resilience against pests and insects. There’s a unique spot, not widely known, where you can plant basil for flourishing results.

Basil Plant: Insights You Need

This aromatic herb, renowned as the queen of Ligurian cuisine and the essential ingredient in Genoese pesto, is scientifically known as Ocimum basilicum and belongs to the Lamiaceae family.


Basil leaves, cherished for imparting a distinctive flavor to various dishes, are also favored by gardeners and enthusiasts for their aromatic contributions to vegetable gardens. Additionally, basil serves as a natural insect repellent.

Diverse varieties, including Genoese basil, purple basil, licorice basil, mint basil, and more, offer a range of choices for cultivation. The basil plant, reaching up to sixty centimeters, may produce pink or white flowers.

Nutritional Properties of Basil Leaves

Beyond its culinary uses, basil leaves are a nutritional treasure trove, rich in mineral salts, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, boasting negligible caloric content, and a low glycemic index.

Growing Basil: A Guide

Suitable for both garden beds and balcony pots, basil seeds should be buried and covered with soil. Spring, particularly early April, is the prime time for sowing to encourage vigorous sprouting. Fertile soil, enriched with natural fertilizers like brewer’s yeast and coffee grounds, supports healthy basil growth. Fertilization should occur twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Basil at home

Ideal Location for Beautiful Basil

The unconventional yet perfect spot for growing basil is your balcony or garden, where direct sunlight prevails. Basil leaves thrive in warm and mild climates, disliking shade and harsh conditions. Repotting basil into a medium-sized black pot and maintaining adequate watering to prevent soil dehydration are recommended.

Harvesting Basil: A Culmination

Once basil leaves are lush and vibrant, it’s time for harvest, whether for preparing pesto or enhancing various dishes with its flavorful touch.

These insights ensure year-round growth and harvesting of basil leaves, guaranteeing a constant supply for delightful pesto creations!

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