If you possess a garden or have access to land for planting fruit trees, consider cultivating a fruit plant like the apple tree from scratch. The process is straightforward, particularly if you start with seeds from a very ripe apple. 

This ensures a high likelihood of quick seed germination.

Growing an Apple Plant from Seed at Home

  1. Begin by obtaining a ripe apple and carefully extracting the seeds. To avoid damaging the seeds, cut the apple almost in half, not extending the cut all the way to the center. Rotate the apple, and it will naturally split into two parts, leaving the seeds intact.
  2. Collect the seeds and prepare a glass or plastic container along with a small cloth napkin.
  3. Place the napkin in the chosen container, deposit the collected seeds inside, and seal the napkin. Generously spray water using a spray bottle, then close the container.
  4. Position the container in a well-lit area of the house, avoiding direct sunlight. Check the seeds after 10 days, and you’ll notice some have already sprouted.
  5. Take a small pot with a diameter of about 10 cm, fill it with fresh soil, and create a hole in the center. Place the sprouted seed with the root facing downward and the head upward at a depth of about 3 centimeters. Spray the soil with plenty of water.
  6. Position the pot in a well-lit area, avoiding direct sunlight. After two days, you’ll observe the emergence of the seedling, and with each passing day, the plant will strengthen and visibly grow.
  7. After three months, you’ll have a lush plant in the pot, reaching a height of about ten centimeters. Allow the seedling to become larger and sturdier before considering grafting.
  8. In a few years, your apple plant will be capable of producing delicious fruits. Patience and care during the early stages will reward you with a thriving apple tree in your garden.