To ensure your orchid blooms throughout all four seasons, follow this advice and use a simple homemade fertilizer. Orchids, with their numerous species and vibrant colors, have become popular ornamental plants. 

glass and the orchid

Cultivating a thriving orchid is straightforward with proper care, and essential factors include finding the right location with indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight, and keeping it away from drafts.


One crucial aspect often overlooked is the use of fertilizer to contribute to the plant’s healthy growth. Here’s a guide on making a fertilizer that will encourage your orchid to bloom consistently throughout the year using natural products.

Ingredients for Orchid Fertilizer:

  • Apple peel
  • Small aloe vera leaf
  • 1 L boiling water


Prepare the Mixture:

Collect the peel of an apple, known for its nutritional value with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Place the apple peel in a jar and add a small aloe vera leaf (both outer and inner parts).

Pour 1 L of boiling water into the jar.

Cover the jar with cling film and let the mixture ferment naturally in a cool place for approximately 12 hours.

Filtration Process:

After 12 hours, retrieve the jar and filter the mixture to extract only the liquid.

apple peel

Application for Dormant Shoots:

Utilize the fertilizer to stimulate dormant shoots, commonly present in orchids.

Peel off the film covering the dormant shoots.

Dip cotton pads into the solution and wrap them around the buds, securing them with pliers.

Apply this treatment to fallen shoots as well.

Repeat this process weekly, ensuring the cotton pads remain moist. If they dry out, spray some water.

Nourishment Between Leaves:

Place cotton pads soaked in the solution between the orchid leaves to provide additional nourishment.

Regular Watering:

Use the fertilizer to water the orchid once a week.

Every 7 days, repeat the operation to stimulate growth.

After approximately 45 days, you should observe excellent results with your orchid in full bloom.

orchid blooms for 4 seasons

By following these steps and incorporating this natural fertilizer, you can enjoy a beautifully flowering orchid all year round.