To ensure lush and long-lasting flowering of Anthurium, an excellent homemade solution can be employed.

Natural bomb flowering Anthurium

Caring for plants is the key to witnessing their vibrant and spectacular blooms consistently. Those who choose to cultivate plants, whether in the garden or indoors, must be acquainted with optimal watering schedules, proper methods, ideal positioning, and various tricks conducive to flourishing. As each plant is unique, tailored care is essential based on the specific species at hand. Among the many decorative foliage plants commonly found in homes or gardens, Anthurium stands out.

Optimal Solution for Anthurium Flowering: A Homemade Approach

Anthurium is frequently found in apartments, thriving within four walls where it encounters an ideal environment for growth and the production of exceptionally beautiful flowers. However, occasional intervention might be necessary to encourage Anthurium to bloom with eye-catching vibrancy for an extended period. Achieving prolonged Anthurium blossoms can be accomplished through some quick, straightforward solutions that truly enhance the enjoyment of this plant’s marvelous blooms.

Flowering Anthurium

Rather than relying on chemical remedies available in various specialized stores, it’s advantageous to focus on a homemade organic fertilizer, ensuring remarkable effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

The primary ingredient required is a carrot, a vegetable commonly found in kitchens. Beyond its nutritional benefits for the intestine due to its richness in antioxidants and vitamins, carrots contribute significantly to plant health, particularly because of their high potassium concentration.

Simply select a medium-sized carrot—neither too large nor too small—and place it in a blender along with approximately one liter of water.

Activate the blender and let it run for about two minutes. Afterward, transfer the carrot juice to another container, filtering it with a sieve to separate the liquid from any remaining carrot pieces.

The leftover residues shouldn’t be discarded, as they remain valuable. These residues should be buried in the soil at the base of the Anthurium, ensuring proper burial to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

Water the plant with the filtered carrot juice, pouring the liquid at the Anthurium’s base. This homemade organic fertilizer is exceptionally effective, and within a short time, its substantial beneficial properties will become evident to those who choose to use it.


To achieve the desired results, pour carrot juice at the base of the Anthurium once every 15 days. The Anthurium will start producing its splendid flowers, adding color and enhancing various corners of the house. It’s crucial to follow each step attentively and avoid overusing this excellent remedy to prevent unintended consequences.