Discover five simple and practical ways to repurpose cut grass, providing valuabenefits ble for your garden. 

Cut grass

Mowing the lawn is a routine task for families with outdoor spaces, such as gardens or courtyards, to maintain a well-kept and inviting environment. Here, we explore the intelligent reuse of cut grass to enhance your gardening experience.

The Mowing Process:

  1. Mowing and Collection: Utilize a lawnmower equipped with a grass collection feature to efficiently gather the cut grass in a designated area.
  2. Drying and Decomposition: Allow the cut grass to air dry and decompose over time, preparing it for various beneficial applications.

Smart Reuse Methods: Note: Ensure no pesticides or chemicals have been applied to the lawn for these methods.

  1. Mulching:
    • Use cut grass as mulch to retain soil moisture and inhibit weed growth.
    • Avoid placing grass too close to plant stems and maintain an appropriate layer thickness to prevent overheating.
    • Ensure the grass used as mulch does not enter seed areas to prevent complications.
  2. Liquid Fertilizer:
    • Prepare a nitrogen-enriched liquid fertilizer using cut grass.
    • Place cut grass in a container, add water, and let it rest for 2-3 days.
    • Filter the resulting solution and use it to water flower beds, providing efficient nourishment to your plants.


  1. Composting:
    • Create your compost by layering cut grass with dry leaves or straw in a 300-liter plastic composter.
    • Water the compost every 2-3 days and turn it every 4-6 days for rapid material degradation.
    • Obtain a nutrient-rich mixture within 2-3 months.
Mow the grass
  1. Natural Soil Enrichment:
    • Remove the grass collection basket from the lawnmower, allowing the cut grass to fall back onto the lawn.
    • Nourish the soil and promote new grass growth.
Watering plants
  1. Chicken Feed:
    • Use excess cut grass, especially grass that has gone to seed, as feed for chickens.
    • Ensure the grass pieces are not too large for chickens to peck and spread around.
    • Offer an eco-friendly food and entertainment source for chickens.



These five methods provide intelligent and cost-effective ways to reuse cut grass, benefiting both your garden and the environment. Choose the method that aligns with your preferences and gardening goals. Smartly repurposing cut grass is a sustainable and rewarding practice for every gardener.