Growing Fruit Trees at Home: A Guide to Green Living in Any Space

Did you know that cultivating fruit and vegetables at home from the seeds of consumed fruits is not only possible but also quite simple? With a little care and patience, you can witness the rewarding results of your efforts. The key is to ensure the seed is free from pulp, preventing the development of mold. Let’s explore how to embark on this gardening journey.

Living in the city without a garden doesn’t mean giving up on the dream of growing fruit plants. Surprisingly, certain species thrive indoors, allowing you to plant seeds or kernels in pots on your balcony or terrace.

Here are fruit trees that you can successfully grow at home:

1. Apple Tree:

  • Opt for dwarf versions for easy maintenance.
  • Change the pot annually and water more frequently in hotter periods.

2. Pear Tree:

  • Select dwarf varieties.
  • Use a deep, wide pot with warm, nutrient-rich soil to accommodate lateral root growth.

3. Fig:

  • Requires sun and warmth.
  • Keep away from low temperatures, especially in winter.
  • Ensure fertile, moderately moist soil in the pot.

4. Peach Tree:

  • Ideal for mild climates.
  • Avoid excessively cold temperatures.
  • Choose fertile soil and prune the plant annually.

5. Lemon Tree:

  • Select a pot of suitable size for root expansion.
  • Use porous, fertile, and well-drained soil.
  • Protect from temperatures below 15 degrees during winter.

6. Strawberry Tree:

  • Requires half a day of sun and half a day of shade.
  • Move frequently to avoid high temperatures.
  • Use acidic soil.

7. Pomegranate:

  • Soak the soil after planting seeds and expose the pot to sunlight.
  • Protect from extremely cold temperatures.
  • First shoots appear after about 20 days.

8. Mango:

  • Remove skin, clean seed, and moisten absorbent paper.
  • Wrap seed in paper, place in a sealed container, and leave in the dark for about three weeks.
  • New roots will emerge.

9. Avocado:

  • Use a plastic bottle or toothpick method.
  • Maintain water levels, ensure sun exposure, and avoid overcrowding seeds.

10. Cherry Tree: – Tolerates low temperatures. – Avoid excessive heat exposure. – Prevent water stagnation in the saucer.

11. Pineapple: – Thrives in mild climates. – Keep soil moist and fertilized. – Water weekly and add fertilizer bi-weekly.

12. Mandarin: – Requires a spacious pot for root expansion. – Ensure well-drained soil, exposed to light.

13. Medlar: – Choose a dwarf variety for balcony growth. – Protect from severe weather and cold temperatures.

14. Apricot: – Ideal in mild climates. – Shield from wind and frost. – Maintain warm, light, and fertile soil.

15. Raspberry: – Ideal for warm climates. – Cover in low temperatures. – Water regularly in hot weather, ensuring fertile and well-fertilized soil.

Embrace the joy of cultivating your favorite fruit trees at home, transforming your living space into a green haven.